Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hello Kitty

I bought this black pleather Hello Kitty embossed skirt months ago, and lacked the inspiration to wear it. Maybe I was intimidated by the high waisted a-line cut that might make my ass appear even larger. Finally after seeing so many girls rocking pleather skirts adorably, I sucked it up and comforted myself by pairing it with a flannel shirt. This style of skirt could easily be paired with a sheer or formal button up shirt for a business casual look. Typical me I chose to take the hip business route ( probably just made that term up) by wearing a plaid flannel shirt. To play off the yellow shirt and black skirt, I stuck with gold and black accessories. Now I am ready to get more use out of this skirt!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Festival Fashion Inspiration

Festival Frocks for the Boho Girl

Festival Frocks: Boho

Festival Frocks: Boho by betsy-step featuring colorful sunglasses

Last year I had the pleasure of going to Coachella. My first time in the beautiful Southern California and my first major music festival. I , of course spent a lot of time making my outfits as hip as possible. A few personal photos are sneaked in at the end of the post! This year I am still deciding what festival I will be attending. However it is never too early to start plotting out your festival wear. If you have never been to a festival before, be prepared to see a wide array of styles. Some festival-goers will be barely dressed in what I affectionally call "stripper wear". I am here to help you avoid that with my festival wear inspiration for girls of all styles!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Picks: Best Dressed Oscars 2013

I've previously mentioned my disappointment in the stars dressing for award shows this season. I feel like all the stylist play it safe and no one dares to take risk anymore. That is why I must warn some of you that your favorites maybe missing from this list. No Charlize Theron, No Anne Hathaway I want to see dresses with exciting colors, patterns, and silhouettes. These are my favorites from the 2013 Oscars, not  everyone else's picks. 

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture

Monday, February 18, 2013

Red Boots & Stripes

Ever since the black and white stripe trend popped up I have been obsessed with finding some quality pieces. Unfortunately finding cute, affordable stripes wasn't as easy as I thought for such a popular trend. Luckily I hit the jackpot at H&M with this black and white striped dress for under $15 and a thicker striped black and white body con skirt for $5. I wanted to keep it chic and minimal so I added a bold silver statement necklace and a pop of fun with my favorite red Francoise boots from ShoeMint. You can achieve many looks wearing stripes and I am looking forward to wearing some more!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Play It Up: Tribal Print Emroidered Pants

I first encountered this pair of embroidered pants on my roommate. I instantly looooved them. Then destiny helped a girl out by featuring them as an amazing sale item in a Refinery 29 article. I snapped up these popping pants for just $20 from Urban Outfitters! The detailing on the pants is extravagant enough, that I played it safe with the rest of my outfit. I felt a little bit like a cowboy in my chambray shirt, tribal inspired pants, and boots popping out, I was just missing some spurs. These pants would look amazing with a colorful shirt as well. I am definitely looking forward to experimenting more with the embroidered, printed pant trend, look out for some black and white stripes and florals!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fashion Week RTW 2013 Trends Part 1: Fur & Statement Necks

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is here! The Ready to Wear collections are pouring down the runways and I am scouring the collections to pull out my favorite looks! Seems the designers were in tune this year because I am noticing a lot of trends popping up in everyone's collections. This is the first post of many, stay tuned... 

Fur or Faux Fur for the animal friendly
When I see a great fur, I can't help but love it. Sure I may not work an extravagant fur coat into my everyday wardrobe, however the designers are showing a lot of small fur neck wraps to provide a hint of elegance. I love how a tiny hint of fur takes an outfit to a whole new level. Also note the designers use of gloves, another underestimated accessory!

St. John RTW 2013

Carmen Marc Valvo RTW 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

Monochrome & Leopard

Leopard print harem pants? Skull Scarf? Metal tipped flats? Why yes these can all be part of your business casual outfit. Alright some of your dress codes may not allow a skull scarf, but black, white, and leopard is a classic combo. Black blazers and white button ups are standard business wear, spice it up with a pair or printed harem pants or printed pants of any kind for some stylish flare. Metal accents and a scarf are just even more fun!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Experience on the GM Diet/ Cleanse

Since the new year ( yea, yea new years resolution style ) I had been following the 1,200 calorie weight loss plan. Basically I was calorie counting and between diet and exercise I was to consume no more then 1,200 calories a week to lose 1-2lbs a week. I had previously lost weight this way before. It seemed to have been working but I'm not sure I never actually got on a scale. One night, my co-worker mentioned she was thinking about doing a cleanse were you were supposed to lose 10+ pounds a week! When she mentioned it involved still being able to eat food and not just liquids I was instantly in. Getting a kick start on my weight loss I knew would be further motivation to keep losing weight because let's be honest, I like to see quick results. As I waited for Sarah to send me the cleanse info I went searching on my own and discovered this cleanse on Pinterest. It sounded similar to what Sarah described but was actually a slight variation. Sarah had found the GM Diet. Click to view the full diet plan and further explanation of how it works. I used my diet version for the 5th and 6th day that suggest chicken and turkey instead of beef like the GM diet says. Also I will be using the GM Diets day 7 which consist of brown rice rather then the miracle soup all day. Let me tell you about my 7 day journey!

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Next Big Social Media?

vine app

Earlier this week my boss started insisting my co-worker and I make a video for the latest hot social media. "Here we go again," we thought.  Yet another one of the hundreds of social sites to pop up everyday and hope to make it. I had these thoughts until I figured out how to work the app and checked it out. Three days later and I am obsessed, literally I keep thinking "Ooo I could Vine that!" Hell, this morning before heading to work I made two Vine videos.