Thursday, August 15, 2013

Slim-Fast® Strawberries ’N’ Cream Shake Cocktail

Make your own Slim-Fast! Sassy Strawberry Cocktail

3 oz. Slim-Fast® Strawberries ’N’ Cream Shake
1 oz. coconut rum 
2 fresh pineapple chunks
2 fresh whole strawberries
3 ice cubes
strawberry for garnish

SlimFast is the perfect base for deliciously creamy summer cocktails/mocktails. SlimFast has partnered with DR Mixologist, Darryl Robinson, host of “Drink up” on The Cooking Channel, who created four exclusive recipes featuring some of the tastiest and trendiest ingredients of the season. With just 130-190 calories in every delicious cocktail, you won’t have to worry about enjoying the summer in your favorite teeny bikini.

I invited over my pal, Jen and we whipped up a whole pitcher of Slim-Fast! Sassy Strawberry Cocktail! We tripled the recipe ingredients listed above and had two cocktails each! Which admittedly defeats the purpose of drinking a cocktail for a diet. The cocktails were pretty tasty for a low calorie alcoholic drink and I would keep them in mind if I was on a strict diet. Jen and I did run into the issue of the drink being very milky because we are both lactose intolerant. You have been warned! Grab some Slim-Fast yourself and have a #SlimFastSexySummer! 

This post was created in connection with my appointment as a SlimFast Ambassador.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Denim Moto


After a few month hiatus, I am back! The major heat wave has finally tampered off and the temperatures are pretty pleasant. FINALLY I can get back to pretending it's spring or fall outside. Spring and fall are my favorite dressing seasons because the temperatures are acceptable for good layering. My fav. Winter you have too many damn layers and summer well, you're just wearing nothing. So imagine my pleasure when I realized I can wear a dress and my latest obsession piece, my denim moto jacket. No matter what season a moto style jacket is my security blanket. Sadly pleather is too hot for summer, this denim moto jacket from Gap completely redeems the season. If it was acceptable to wear it everyday I would, what's your comfort piece?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coral Plural

Hello Spring! Finally breaking out of my black bubble! My roomie was tossing out some old clothes and I was gifted with this adorable colorblocked top from Ann Taylor. The rest of the outfit naturally came together to match the tan and coral in the top. The comfy tan Lauren Conrad motorcycle jacket is the tan version of my black winter jacket. Yea, I can't be trusted to branch out sometimes. My peach sunglasses where given to me by a friend and I am so glad they didn't fit her face! The unique circle frame is a look I may not have tried myself and I love the retro color. Looking forward to playing with more color this spring!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fade to Black: Dip Dye

My trip to Topshop in NYC, was a major success in the accessories department. One of my favorite pieces were these black dip dye tights. When paired with this peter pan collar dress from Lauren Conrad's collection from Kohls, they appeared amazingly office friendly! At first I feared these tights were going to make me look like a freak show. Flashbacks of high school mockery creeping into my mind. The dip dye tights and skeleton cameo necklace give a conservative dress a hint of edge when you take a closer look. Dressing for the office doesn't have to be a total snooze! 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

POW POW! Comic Book Style

Sometimes wacky trends come into style that you couldn't be more grateful for. Of course I'd seen the adorable comic inspired fashions featuring my fav Batman floating around on Etsy, but I hadn't seen anything wearable in the mainstream. In the recent months, comic inspired clothing has been hitting the racks. I find the eye catching crop at Topshop, I felt the short crop offered the perfect amount of comic pattern. Just a little peak of such a loud print I really feel goes a long way. No way was I wearing a belly baring crop top, so I paired my crop top with a black long sleeve tee and high waisted body con to give the illusion I was wearing a dress. Go put a little POW in your wardrobe!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pretty Pastels on Pretty Girls

I've been hearing for months light pink and mint are the hottest colors for spring. These pretty palette can be seen spread across the windows of any fast fashion company. Just to point out how hot this light hued color palette is, this post features to pretty ladies in pastel! Jen is representing mint not only with her colored denim but also with her eye-catching necklace. This eBay find features both mint and salmon which is pretty close to blush pink! Once again Jen accents her pastels with blue and tan, a combination I probably never would have thought of. Girl, doesn't have a stitch of black on her! Amazing to me at least! She keeps it light and pretty all the way down to her complimentary manicure.

I can be seen slowly trying to crawl out of my black bag by wearing a light tan and salmon sweater with a white scarf that has salmon accents! You can believe I almost didn't buy this sweater because it wasn't black and white. However nothing is more comfy and easy to wear then an baggy, drapey sweater, the aztec print saves it from being to "mom" if you know what I mean!