Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pretty Pastels on Pretty Girls

I've been hearing for months light pink and mint are the hottest colors for spring. These pretty palette can be seen spread across the windows of any fast fashion company. Just to point out how hot this light hued color palette is, this post features to pretty ladies in pastel! Jen is representing mint not only with her colored denim but also with her eye-catching necklace. This eBay find features both mint and salmon which is pretty close to blush pink! Once again Jen accents her pastels with blue and tan, a combination I probably never would have thought of. Girl, doesn't have a stitch of black on her! Amazing to me at least! She keeps it light and pretty all the way down to her complimentary manicure.

I can be seen slowly trying to crawl out of my black bag by wearing a light tan and salmon sweater with a white scarf that has salmon accents! You can believe I almost didn't buy this sweater because it wasn't black and white. However nothing is more comfy and easy to wear then an baggy, drapey sweater, the aztec print saves it from being to "mom" if you know what I mean!

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