Monday, March 11, 2013

Go Green or Go Home: St. Patrick's Day Style

St. Patricks Day: Color Block

St. Patricks Day: Color Block by betsy-step featuring an envelope clutch

When it comes to drinking holidays you have two choices if you're going out to party. Classy or Trashy. It's not that hard to figure out the trashy uniform of booty shorts and green knee high socks, the real challenge is looking cute on St. Pat's with your clothes on. Check my St. Patrick's Day inspiration boards for a more sophisticated take on the holiday! Drink up!

St Patricks Chic

St Patricks Chic by betsy-step featuring skinny leg jeans

If you're looking for a witty St. Patty's tee or other cute speciality items here are some of my fav places to get prepped for the holiday. Your local Target or Walmart can offer some cheap gems as well.

Urban Outfitter's

Spencer's Gifts

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  1. Great St Patricks Day inspiration. Depends on which way I'll go this year since I find scandalous just as fun as classy. But I'll definitely keep these looks in mind. :)