Friday, May 3, 2013

Graffiti Off the Streets

Mmmm, sweatshirts as stylish tops?! I am not sure I ever considered the idea until recently. Right after fashion week months ago this sweatshirt popped up on Marc by Marc Jacobs instagram, I proceeded to stalk the MBMJ for MONTHS. Finally the fated email came announcing the arrival of this sweatshirt, my size sold out in the black version instantly! There was no way I was not getting this sweatshirt so I settled for neon orange. Let me tell you is some NEON ORANGE. Despite its out of my price range ticket, it gets many compliments and is hella comfy and stylish at the same time!

Sunglasses: Ruche | Sweatshirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Skirt: Target | Flats: Urban Outfitters | Rings: Topshop | Bracelet: Bloomingdale's | Watch: Michael Kors

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