Friday, February 1, 2013

The Next Big Social Media?

vine app

Earlier this week my boss started insisting my co-worker and I make a video for the latest hot social media. "Here we go again," we thought.  Yet another one of the hundreds of social sites to pop up everyday and hope to make it. I had these thoughts until I figured out how to work the app and checked it out. Three days later and I am obsessed, literally I keep thinking "Ooo I could Vine that!" Hell, this morning before heading to work I made two Vine videos.

vine app screenshots

Vine is affiliated with Twitter, after creating your 6 second video you can upload/ share it on Vine and also on Twitter. These videos can be viewed on an internet browser as well but is not integrated with Facebook, etc. Artists, designers, fashion bloggers, and tons of regular folk are sharing extremely creative takes on everyday happenings in their lives, whether it's a straight 6 second video or an edited 6 second stop motion style piece. ( Tip! Hold down on the screen while recording, let go to stop filming. This let's you create a stop motion type effect and play with time intervals. ) Be careful! I have had trouble with the app crashing or refusing to upload my video after I devoted time to making a master piece. My word of advice is download the Vine app and start playing! A whole new audience is out there waiting for you, also feel free to check out my Vines and follow me!

h and m skull dress vine
Check out this Vine!

dolce vita boots vine
See what I wore today!

holstee poster vine
Check out my wall art!

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  1. I'm not a big video maker girl but this app looks interesting to try! :D

    Pudding Monster