Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Camo Afternoon

I wandered over to spend the afternoon with a girlfriend in Haddonfield, NJ where I was treated to delicious fish and chips with a spot o' tea! In typical me fashion, I pulled together some of my favorite pieces of the moment for what I call a "casual" camo look.  Quotes around casual because spiked heeled boots wouldn't exactly qualify for some people. However when you aren't a jeans and tee girl what's more comfortable then oversized layers with an attention getting shoe to stop things from becoming ordinary.

My friend took me to a number of cute boutiques around town, our favorite was the accessories shop, Flair. Tucked down a side street, this new boutique offered some unique finds at prices I would actually consider. I picked up a gold claw ring ($18) which I promptly put on (I can't help it matched). If you are near the area it is definitely worth a look!

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  1. Cool boots!

  2. i love haddonfield! it is such a delightful town. the last time i went there, i ate at that british-themed place, too.

  3. Nice camo jacket and amazing boots, a bit expensive but looking gorgeous, i will check if i can find exact same ones for a less price.