Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Best Kind of Evolution: Rooney Mara

Sure, Rooney Mara had been in movies, but lets be honest you probably hadn't heard of her until her memorable role as Mark Zuckerberg's girlfriend in The Social Network. Following that came her drastic makeover from plain jane to androgynous Lisabeth Salander for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Rooney eased out of the makeover beautifully by keeping her new dark hair and growing out her bangs into an edgy blunt bob. Last awards season I was OBSESSED with the simplicity of her dark hair, pale skin, and minimal yet gorgeous dress choices. Hollywood is teaming with actresses a slight shade of orange, sunny highlights in their flowing hair, appearing in over top gowns appearance after appearance.  Some criticize Rooney's style as being boring and "She wears too much black". I support she found a look that works and probably makes her feel comfortable in her skin. In my opinion, the world could use more examples of gothic influenced beauty because it really is a break from the norm. 

Rooney is featured this month as Vogue's cover girl for the second time in the past year. 
I just wish they had featured a longer photo spread - only 3 photos! 

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  1. I really love what she wears and the black dresses are wonderful!