Monday, January 28, 2013

Superbowl Swag

Superbowl Outfit: Baltimore Ravens

Superbowl Outfit: Baltimore Ravens by betsy-step featuring a faux fur vest

Please, don't take me as someone who gives a shit about the Superbowl. Football is one of my least favorite sports, mostly because no matter how many times I've tried to understand it, I can't retain the rules. Plus I can't see hot players faces with those helmets on so what is the point?! Regardless the Superbowl is a huge social occasion, being the most watched television event every year and all. I am sure I will find myself in front of a TV with it on just so I don't feel like a loser.

That being said, if you're dressing for a super bowl party you have a few options. If you are a football fan and one of your teams has made it to the bowl ( Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers) FYI naturally dress yourself up in your teams garb and you are set. Victoria's Secret PINK has adorable NFL swag! Unfortunately for 49ers fans that merch is only available in local stores, while the Ravens clothing can be bought online and in local stores. Click here to shop it! Sports teams have plenty of form fitting women's merch available on their team sites. I am loving on the 49ers cowboy boots featured in this post. Find them here!

Personally I won't be investing in merch for either of these teams, my style boards feature my dream outfits for a Superbowl gathering. I am still keeping my trademark rocker style while incorporating the teams colors! I would suggest you guys do the same, you can still be chic at a sporting event!

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